CCM and Your Practice: Revenue, Quality, Patient Engagement

Marc Sherman, MD - CEO of Ascent Care Partners shares how CCM adds value based revenue to help sustain and grow your practice. (1:31)

Jay Morris, MD - Chief Medical Officer of Ascent Care Partners discusses how CCM services will make a positive impact on your relationship with health plans with whom you contract. (2:11)  

CCM Services Adds Significant Revenue to Your Practice.

Now more than ever, it's critical to your practice to improve revenue when many patients are reluctant to come into your office.  At the same time, it's critical to continue monitoring and treating your patients with multiple chronic conditions.  

Ascent Care Partners (ACP) provides turnkey, end to end chronic care management solutions purposefully designed to maximize value to the practice and patient without disrupting the practice routine.  Click here to see the financial impact on your practice.

Physicians:  What You Need to Know

Competitive Advantages for Physicians

Choosing the right partner is critical to the success of your CCM program. The right partner allows you to:

  • Extend your team with licensed medical practitioners and care coaches.

  • Empower patients via their participation in realizing their own care plans.

  • Launch a successful CCM program.

  • Connect physicians, advanced practice nurses, patients, and caregivers.

  • Avoid financial risk for your practice.

  • Provide affordable, effective, and innovative services.

  • Engage in personalized prevention planning.


One Patient at a Time

Ascent Care Partners serves as a team member and an extension of the physician office in offering effective patient care coordination support through a combination of high tech / high touch solutions, backed by superior patient courtesy and compassion.  When all this takes place, it’s possible to achieve improved patient outcomes at lower costs and everybody wins – patients, physicians and payers.



Each month, you'll receive at least one call from your dedicated care coach to discuss your care plan. They will ask you a customized series of questions specific to your health care. The end result of this dedicated ongoing relationship is to help you maintain your best overall health in between your regular doctor in office appointments. This may include communication with your doctor or provider. Your care plan serves to continuously clarify, collect, and provide information both to you and your provider, so you and your provider have an updated easily accessible stream of information and health care assistance.


If there's a question or a change in your condition your care coach will immediately connect you with a nurse practitioner who will help work through the issue and make a recommendation on your next step. Otherwise, the nurse practitioner reviews your records and communicates with  your provider.


Each month, your physician reviews the status of your care plan and details from our calls. Your provider has an updated concise picture of your health matters based on your care coach relationship. Having clarity of up to date information and issues supports precise professional focus on what matters most to both the provider and to you, the patient.


ACP brings a fresh and unique approach to chronic care management services.  

  • Experienced, proven, and well-rounded leadership team

  • Industry leading technology platform

  • Unique approach for patient communications and health monitoring - clinically driven with nurse practitioners

  • Greater leverage to improve MIPS scores

Us (Who We Are)

Ascent Care Partners is made up of an experienced group of healthcare professionals who have a passion for improving the delivery of healthcare to Medicare patients by helping physicians navigate the challenges of providing Chronic Care Management Services.  

Our mission is to support physician practices in creating operational and financial efficiencies that increase revenue and expands their clinical capabilities leading to more desirable medical outcomes and lower costs for their Medicare patients identified as a high-risk, high-cost patient population.

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